Light at Eventide

Figure descriptions
Decorated capital letter “O” from the poem’s first word, “On”. The light-coloured “O” is set against a dark, square background. There are flowers at three corners and at the center of the “O”. The decorated capital is contained within a double-ruled border.
An elderly man and woman sit in a crowded domestic space. They sit in chairs across from one another. The woman appears to be reading to the man from an open book. There are three cats on the floor next to the couple. The cats are bathing in sunlight, which streams into the room from an open window. The space also contains a table, a chest, a basket full of goods, a fire stoker, keys, pots, and household cleaning tools. Textiles hang from lines strung across the ceiling, and a vine grows around a light near the window. Full-page illustration contained within a dark, medium-weight border.