Decorative initial letter “M” from the word “Mail-clad”. The letter is contained within a square and is superimposed over a vegetal pattern.

Mail-clad warder, in the far-time,1
Paced this ruin’d wall !2
Year by year, like constant pulse throb,3
Was his footsteps fall !4
Many a fair and lovely ladie5
Sitting lonely here,6
Sent sweet fancies to her lover,7
O’er the ocean drear8
He with Arthur far away !9
On these very rocks have rung10
Response to the songs she sung11
As of ours to-day !12
And echo playing on the billow13
Round thy cavern’d sleep,14
Brought these songs back to her pillow,15
Hushing her to sleep,16
Till she dreamt that fate was all17
Bound within her own sweet thrall !18
Here the voice of war-song chaunted,19
Startled winds would fly !20
Here has flashed the golden beaker21
To the golden sky !22
Gentle knights and lovely ladies—23
A brave companie !24
Here have heard the wandering harper25
Sing of chivalrie !26
In these rare old times27
When the deeds of warrior bold28
By the minstrel’s skill were told29
In “ beautiful old rhymes !”30
O that we might hear those singings31
From within the past !32
But thy halls last music-ringings33
Died upon the blast,34
Born on some forgotten day,35
Long ago, and for away !36
Yet there cometh to our day-dream37
Musings of the past,38
Tramp of war steed—song of Muishel—39
Light from bright eyes cast !40
And our thoughts in wildest weaving,41
Throw a web of life42
O’er the fancy built-up castles—43
Of all glad things rife !44
Jouse, and song, and dance !45
Till upon the vision then46
Knightly times come back again,47
Like an old romance !48
But from these chivalric doings49
Waking, where are we !50
Nought is here but rocks and ruins,51
And the ceaseless sea !52
Fled the life of thy proud prime53
Back into the grave of time !54