Figure descriptions
Symmetrical tailpiece featuring a decorated horned head with a foliate pattern emerging from its open mouth on both sides. 1/64 page.
An old and a young woman gather in a dark domestic space. They are illuminated by a table lamp. The older woman sits in a chair and the younger woman kneels on the ground. The younger woman places one arm on the older woman’s shoulder and the older woman holds the younger woman’s other hand in her lap. The look directly at each other. The room in which they sit is decorated. At the left side, there is a hearth with a mantle piece, and a rug on the floor. Beside the hearth, there is a display case topped with two vessels. At the right side, there is a table with a decorative table cloth. A table lamp decorated with classical figures stands on top of the table. Framed artwork hangs on the walls. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.