Portrait of the artist (Madame Le Brun) and her daughter embracing. Their bodies are turned so that they are looking towards the viewer. Full-page frontispiece contained within a double-ruled rectangular border.


A single cut poppy. The poppy is turned upside down so that it appears to be floating towards the bottom of the page. 1/16 page.
Do not strive to raise her up,1
She would fain be lying there ;2
Deep she drank of sorrow’s cup3
Ere she won that flower-strewn bier.4
Wouldst thou rouse her yet again5
For renewal of her pain ?6
Do not speak : she feared so much7
At thy voice she might awake ;8
Draw not near : she thought thy touch9
E’en this still, white sleep might break.10
Life no haven has for her11
Sweet as death’s calm sepulchre.12
Three cut poppies arranged so that they form a corner near the bottom-left corner of the letterpress. 1/16 page.