Figure descriptions
The hand-drawn poem title, “Lohengrin”, is contained within a plaque with a curved frame. There is a goblet centered above the frame; above the goblet, there is a dove with its wings outstretched. There is a decorative circle behind the dove’s head, which looks like a halo. Straight lines extend from the halo across the rest of the illustration. To the left of the title, a man wearing a winged helmet stands on a chariot that is being pulled by a swan. Three figures with long robes and head scarves gather to the right of the title. The figure in the front clasps his hands together and pleas. They all stand on a grassy hill that overlooks the water. 1/3 page. The remainder of the periodical page includes the hand-drawn poem text set to sheet music.
Men, women, and two girls gather outside of a building. Some of the figures hold up flags. The girls wear floral crowns and scatter flower petals on the steps. The figure at the front of the group looks back and gestures toward the rest of the group with his arm outstretched. A woman who stands behind this figure raises her hand to her face and appears to look up in shock. Full page.