Portrait of a figure looking upwards with an open mouth. “H. P.” and “Jan 11. 82” appear in the centre-left of the page. Full-page illustration with a thin black border.
A rectangular banner contains the poem title and various illustrations. In a black box on the left side of the banner, wisps emerge from a magic lantern. It is surrounded by small stars. In the centre of the banner, the poem title “Exultate Deo” appears in small capitals. The first word is white and the second is black. Behind the title, the sun rises. In a black box on the right side of the banner, there are blooming flowers with leaves. Below these three sub-divisions, a thin strip runs the full length of the banner. It features stars, flowers, and leaves. The entire banner has a thin double border in black. 1/8 page.


Many a flower hath perfume for its dower,1
And many a bird a song,2
And harmless lambs milkwhite beside their dams3
Frolic along ;4
Perfume and song and whiteness offer praise5
In humble, peaceful ways.6
Man’s high degree hath will and memory7
Affection and desire,8
By loftier ways he mounts of prayer and praise ;9
Fire unto fire,10
Deep unto deep responsive, height to height,11
Until he walks in white.12
Facsimile of Christina G. Rossetti’s signature. 1/16 page.