Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: -a-abb

Poem title Poets Date Periodical id #
Words of Love. From the German of Körner Körner, Theodore 1850 The Keepsake 5690
The Country Church Thornbury, George Walter 1860-08-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6735
Ivy Leaves Craig (Knox), Isa 1860-10-01 The English Woman’s Journal 1656
The Combat à l’Outrance Thornbury, George Walter 1865-09-23 Once a Week 964
Exultate Deo Rossetti, Christina G. 1888-10 Atalanta 1828
Waiting for May Gorges, Mary 1890-03-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13133
Urbanus Loquitur Image, Selwyn 1890-07 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8935
By the Saco River (U. S. A.) Halsey, Grace Virginia 1890-08-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13155
Thule Nicolson, Laurence James 1890-10-25 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13164