By the Saco River (U.S.A.).

A wind-swept valley of waving wheat,1
Under a sky of cloudless blue ;2
Afar in the distance, sunny mists3
Hazily shadow the mountain view ;4
Reapers are binding their golden sheaves,5
And bobolinks sing from the bending leaves.6
A soft breeze blows from the distant shore ;7
White sails float westward noiselessly8
On the silvery foam of Saco’s breast,9
Past woods where the warm winds wander free,10
And the rustling corn and bending wheat11
Spread till valley and mountain meet.12
Over the fields of clover-bloom13
Swallows are skimming an azure sea ;14
Faint and far, from the sunlit hills15
Tinkle the cow-bells drowsily ;16
And over the meadow and mountain steep17
The waving noonday shadows creep.18