Trust in God and Do the Right

Figure descriptions
A woman collapses on the ground and embraces a man around his hips. She buries her head into his side. The man bows his head and places his arm on the woman’s back. He extends his other hand toward a young woman who holds out a sword with a sheath and a baldric. The young woman also hangs her head. Behind the man and the first woman, there is a table with a table cloth set with dishes. Framed artwork hangs on the wall. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
The first part of the poem title, “TRUST IN GOD”, is written in hand-drawn lettering on a banner at the top of the illustration. “BY NORMAN MACLEOD D.D.” appears below the title, followed by “WITH MUSIC BY ARTHUR S. SULLIVAN.” A portrait of the author in profile view is positioned between the words “BY” and “NORMAN MACLEOD D. D.” The portrait is contained within a double-ruled circular border. Symmetrical foliate and fleuron patterns extend from the left and right sides of the circular border. There are two decorated crosses in oval borders set into the vegetal patterns—one on either side. Tassels descend from the cross’s borders. 1/2 page.