A Christmas Carol

Figure descriptions
A woman stands barefoot at the center of a field of grain. She reaches down with both arms and runs her fingers through the tops of the grains. Plants and wild flowers cluster around the woman’s feet. The woman wears a long gown with sleeves that drape to the ground. She wears a crown. Her hair flows upward through the center of the crown and then ascends into the sky. It flows upward and outward, transforming into a canopy of dark clouds. Rain falls from the clouds at the left and right sides of the scene. Full-page illustration contained within a dark, thick border.
Full-width headpiece. Four men’s heads are depicted in profile view; they all look toward the left side of the periodical page. Some of the men appear to wear head scarves and/or jewellery. Each head is contained within a circular wreath. The four wreaths are set against a three-part rectangular background. The interior of the background is light and shaded with dark clustered dots. The exterior parts of the background, positioned above and below the interior, are dark and decorated with horizontal strings of leaves. 1/8 page.