The Doom of Cheynholme

Figure descriptions
A woman sits on the ground in front of a large arched doorway. She holds an object in her hands and looks down at it. Her hat rests on her lap. To her left, a gravestone with a skull and crossbones leans against the wall of the building. It reads “SM Henry” but the next word is cut off. There are plants around the gravestone. 1/2 page.
A man and a woman stand together and link arms. The woman holds a small dog on a leash and looks down toward it. The man holds a thin sword (likely a rapier). A second man stands in front of the couple and bows toward the woman. He holds his hat behind his back and also holds a thin sword. In the background, a third man carries a tray and walks towards the group of figures. On the wall and above an archway, there is an animal’s skull with large antlers. Full page.