Arabic Serenade

Figure descriptions
Multi-part illustration. The hand-drawn poem is placed at the bottom-center of the illustration. Tall grasses grow between and around the two words. Behind the tall grasses, a man rides a horse through a field at night. There is lightning in the sky. This scene is partially contained within a multi-ruled, rectangular border. A second scene is superimposed over the top-right corner of this scene. It shows a woman in profile view contained within a multi-ruled, circular border. She wears a shawl around her head and holds it below her chin. Large leafy branches extends diagonally behind the circular border. There is a third section of the illustration behind the two aforementioned scenes. It shows birds flying in the sky. The top right corner of this section features a decorative multi-part border with a pattern of shaded circles. There is a flare at the interior of the border. 1/4 page.
A cherub sits on a leafy branch and plays a lute. 1/12 page.