At Rest

Figure descriptions
Illustrated page divided into three sections, each depicting a separate scene. In the first section, in the top-left corner, a cottage with a waterwheel appears within a dark, medium-weight circular border. The cottage has a thatched roof and is surrounded by bushes and trees. In the second section, at the center, there is a moonlit scene of a church. There are trees, bushes, and other buildings around the church. A path leads to the church and runs alongside a body of water, which dominates the foreground. The path connects to a small bridge. There is an empty bow boat on the water. This scene is contained within a dark, thin rectangular border which is designed to look like a sheet of paper: the top-left and bottom-right corners are folded over. The entire scene is set at a diagonal angle, with the right corners higher up the periodical page than the left corners. It is superimposed over the bottom edge of the aforementioned circular border. In the third section, which occupies the full page and extends behind the two previously described sections, a large boat sails the sea. The sun is low on the horizon and there are clouds in the sky. This scene is contained within a dark, thin border. The poem text is let in to a rectangular blank space in the top-right corner of the illustration. It is superimposed over the top-right corner of the central illustration. Full page.