All About a Little Bird

Figure descriptions
Illustrated page is divided into three sections. The poem text is let in to two rectangular spaces that separate the first two sections from the third. In the first section, at the top-left corner of the page, the illustrated poem title is contained within a heart-shaped border formed from two twigs. Inside the heart-shaped border, a bird perches on a branch, spreads its wings, and sings. Large flowers are clustered around the bottom edges of the border. In the second section, at the top-right quarter of the illustration, a man walks down a wooded path. He wears a dark suit and hat and walks with a walking stick. The path on which he walks is lined with dense and mostly leafless trees. There is a small bird in a tree on the left side of the illustrated section. In the third section, at the bottom half of the illustration, the man from the second section embraces a woman and walks with her toward a large house. The two figures stand under a tree canopy and are surrounded by flowering plants. There is an urn-shaped garden statue nestled among the flowers at their right. The illustrated is contained within a rectangular wooden border. Small vines are wrapped around the border. Full page.