Figure descriptions
A young girl dressed in a light-coloured dress stands in front of a large, dark chair. She holds a finger up to her mouth. A small dog stands on its hind legs in front of the girl. The dog holds its front paws up in front of its chest. Next to the chair, there is a small table with a potted plant; a broken plate lies on a rug in front of the table as though it has just fallen. A ball lies on the shards of the broken plate. There is a large urn in the back corner. Full-page illustration contained within a thick single-ruled border.
Poem letterpress is fully contained within blank rectangular space at the center of the illustration. It is contained within a single-ruled border. The hand-drawn poem title is centered above the poem and placed on a torn scroll or banner. The illustration around the poem text features trees and flowers, which surround a small body of water. The ground is covered in snow. Flowers at the forefront of the illustration break into the poem space at the bottom-right corner. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border on the left, top, and right edges.
Illustration forms a partial border around the poem letterpress. The border that partially surrounds the illustration is rectangular, but the inner border that separates the border from the poem letterpress is circular. Flowers, trees, and their leaves extend around the left side and above the letterpress. A banner is superimposed over the top-left portion of the illustration. The banner contains an inset scene featuring a field with multiple buildings and trees in the distance, as well as birds in the sky. 1/2-page illustration partially contained in a single-ruled border.
Two groups of flowers grow from the ground at the left and right sides of the illustration. There is blank space at the center. The flowers at the forefront of the illustration lean over and their petals touch the ground. 1/8 page.