A New Song.

He found a place of snug retreat,1
Where larches droop and pine-trees
Secure from sound of passing feet,3
And quiet as the silent grave.4
And there alone he tried the song5
Which came to him with morning light,6
Rung in his head the whole day long,7
And must be sung ere falls the night.8
And warbling to himself he said,9
’Twas just the song he long had sought,”10
And then he lifted up his head,11
And sung the notes his ear had caught12
From some bright spirit of the sky,13
Who lingering near our world unseen,14
Had dropped some heaven-learnt melody15
Close to his haunt in hedgerow green.16
A bird is perched on the branch of a pine tree. There are more trees in the background. The poem is separated into two single-ruled rectangular borders that are centred at the top and bottom of the illustration; the first two stanzas, along with the title, are centred above the bird, and the third stanza is centred below the bird. The poem is a separate graphic unit from the illustration. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border. The borders that contain the poem extend slightly above and below the illustration.
This trill so tender,” said the bird,17
Will win my love to trust in me ;18
These merry piping notes, if heard,19
Must move young birds to mirth and glee.20
Some joyous strains I’ll keep to cheer21
All mortals who may doleful be,22
The whole I’ll sing most true and clear,23
To Him who sent the song to me.”24