A Winter Reverie

Figure descriptions
A stream runs through the center of the illustration, connecting the main illustration with a separate, interior illustration. In the main illustration, the stream runs through a winter countryside. The plant life in this section is sparse: the grass is short and blanketed with snow, and two young trees stand along the banks. There is foliage in the distance along the horizon. In the middle ground, a medium-weight semicircular border connects one stream bank with the other, creating a window into a different environment. The stream from the exterior illustration flows under the semicircle and into the interior illustration; however, under the semicircle, the plant life is lush instead of sparse. There are grasses, plants, and trees growing along the stream banks. Part of a wooden fence also stands beside the stream bank on the right side. A house is visible in the distance, surrounded by trees and tall grasses. The interior scene occupies approximately 2/3 of the main illustration. 1/2-page illustration contained within a thick, darkly shaded double border.