All Contrary

Figure descriptions
A girl sits at the base of a tree while holding her knees in her arms. She looks down towards a boy who looks into her eyes and offers her a bouquet of flowers. The boy hides a basket of peaches behind his back with his other hand. There are grasses and rocks on the ground around the young couple. Branches with trees, flowers, and small fruits ascend the tree and drape over their heads. They also descend the poem page beyond the main illustrative components. In the top-right corner, the letters of the poem title hang from small branches. The poem text is contained within five single-ruled rectangular frames separated by stanza. These frames are superimposed over the illustration and descend the page in a column with the fourth stanza indented to the left. In the bottom-right corner, a bird sits on a branch while another bird tends to a nest with three eggs. A third bird sits on the upper edge of the rectangle that contains the first stanza. Full-page illustration.