A Man’s Thought

Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page. The poem title appears in hand-drawn lettering on a folded ribbon in the top-left corner of the illustration. Below the poem title, the poem text is let in to the blank space of an illustrated scroll. The section to the right of the scroll depicts four men and an angel who blows on a horn. The first of the four men wears a laurel crown; the second figure has fabric slung diagonally over his shoulder; the third figure is dressed in full knight’s armour. The first three men look up toward the angel. The fourth man wears a flat cap and has his sleeves rolled. He looks down and reaches toward a wheel and a set of gears at the left side of the illustrated section. The section below the scroll depicts three labourers, two of whom wear head wraps. The first man reaches toward an indistinct object; he appears to be preparing to lift the object; the second man extends his arm backwards to grip the end of a long, straight tool, which he points toward the ground; the thirds man holds a scythe over his shoulder. A third smaller illustrated section appears to the right of the labourers. It features seven separate hands reaching toward a pile of small, circular objects that look like coins. The previously described sections are all separated by a thorny vine, which winds throughout the page, delineating sections and forming a partial border. The vine sprouts flowers at the top-left corner of the illustration to the left of the poem title. Full page.