Figure descriptions
Three men and two horses stand outdoors in the rain. The first man plows a field with the help of a horse. The second man smokes a pipe while holding a long stick in the air. The third man stands in the field and waves his arm in the air, gesturing toward the other two men. There are more animals further in the distance, as well as a building, trees, and a large hill. There are birds, flowers, and trees scattered throughout the illustration. Illustrated scene is contained within a circular border. The border appears to be made from wood. Branches with leaves, thorns, and flowers grow alongside the border; they begin in the bottom-left section, extend over the top, and drape down the top-right section. The title of the illustration, “APRIL”, is centred at the bottom of the border. The border is set on the ground, where grass and wild flowers grow. 1/2 page.