Singing to a Star. (His Mother’s Song)

Figure descriptions
Andromache stands at the center of a crowd. She wraps her dark robes tightly around her head and her body, and she looks down at the ground. A jug sits at her feet. Andromache is surrounded by men, women, boys, girls, and a baby. Some of the figures carry jugs, and multiple women fill jugs at a nearby fountain. There are buildings in the background, and trees and mountains in the distance. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.
Multiple figures gather around a stable. A horse stands at the center of the illustration and turns away from the viewer. Two men and a woman gather to the right of the horse; the men sit and the woman stands while covering her face with one hand. Four men sit on the roof of the stable. There is a large boulder on a hill in the background; it is held up with wooden supports. 1/2-page illustration partially contained within a irregularly shaped, thick, and single-ruled border. The border has a straight right edge, a curved top edge, and a tiered left edge. Branches extend into the border at the top-left corner of the illustration.