‘Of the earth, earthy’

Figure descriptions
Scene depicting a rural settlement. Two birds stand on a path in the foreground; the path is lined with multiple types of bushes. The tops of houses are visible downhill from the path. A tree canopy separates two of the houses, and a plume of smoke emits from one of the chimneys. There are multiple trees along the horizon, including evergreens which tower above the main tree line. Birds fly in the sky. This scene is contained within an irregularly-shaped, medium-weight, and single-ruled border. Enlarged plants and wild flowers emerge from behind the border. The plants extend into the top-left and bottom-right corners of the illustration. The background of the main illustration appears to be lightly shaded and is composed of small dots. 1/2 page.
A group of pine trees stand at the top of a hill. The hill is covered in ferns and other wild plants. A semi-circular frame covers the trees at the top of the hill; the frame connects to one edge of the hill on the right side and to a small bush on the left side. It has a partial, medium-weight border. The sky appears to be lightly shaded under the frame and darkly shaded outside of the frame. Both backgrounds are composed of small dots of varying density. 1/2 page.