The Glen’s Retreat

Figure descriptions
Scene depicting a small clearing in a glen. Deciduous trees line the clearing on either side; their branches form a partial canopy above the scene. There is dense foliage on the ground and in-between the trees. The trees are contained under a semi-circular frame with a medium-weight border; the border connects with but does not contain the foliage in the bottom third of the illustration. The background of the main illustration, exterior to the semi-circular frame, appears to be darkly shaded. It is composed of small, dense dots. 1/4 page.
Multi-part illustration featuring a circular section and a rectangular section superimposed over the top edge of a large rectangular section. The three depicted scenes are related. In the top-left corner, a castle sits next to the banks of a body of water. Plants, trees, and stones line the water’s edge. There is a large hill in the background. This scene is contained within a circular border. The scene in the top-right corner depicts an arched bridge next to a body of water. Trees and bushes grow at both ends of the bridge and tall grasses grow in the water underneath. Grasses also grow along the shore in the foreground; they interrupt the circular border to the left. This scene is contained within a rectangular border, which is designed to look like a sheet of paper. The top-right corner is folded over and there are circles in the top-left and bottom-right corners, both of which look like pins. This scene has a heavy-weight border along the top and right sides, which resembles a shadow. Below these two scenes, a sheep and a lamb stand among tall grasses next to an arched bridge and a body of water. There is dense foliage behind them. Large hills stand in the background beyond the bridge. The hills are lined with coniferous trees. This scene is contained within a heavy-weight rectangular border. 1/4 page.