Cloudy Skies.

Silly ſhowers, how faſt you fall1
To keep my love at home !2
I heard her ſay but yeſterday3
She meant to gather flowers this way,4
But now ſhe will not come.5


Stupid ſheep, how ſlow you move6
Through graſs ſhe does not tread !7
The wind turns chill, ye ſkylark’s ſtill8
What boots a ſong, what means a trill,9
When ſkies are black o’erhead ?10


Cowſlips tall, your golden bells11
May rock and ring in vain !12
On you I vent my diſcontent,13
The dull world looks ſo different14
Through warm, grey drops of rain.15
A man stands and leans against a tree on the right-hand side of the illustration. The man looks towards multiple sheep that are spread out on the grass in front of him. There is a dog among the sheep. The top-left corner of the illustration is empty and contains the poem. In the top-centre, the word “APRIL” is superimposed onto an ornamental plate with curled edges. 1/2 page illustration is contained within a single-ruled border.