A Grey Day.

Cloudy ſkies and
Not a wind to go2
Whiſpering to the yellow
All that winds may know.4
Here a berry drops,5
There a leaf hangs ſtill ;6
Melancholy gathers ſlowly7
Over holt and hill.8
While ye darkening day9
Deepens duſkier grey,10
Stealthy ſhadows ſoftly ſteal11
Down ye woodland way ;12
Feeble flowers, unwept,13
Fade along the field,14
With ye myſtery of their hiſtory15
Periſhed, unrevealed.16
If we two to-night,17
In ye uncertain light,18
Meet, touch hands,—half-ſhadowy19
Each to other’s ſight,—20
Sudden thrill may looſe21
Lips from ſilence’ thrall,22
Sweeteſt viſion find fruition,23
Love be all in all !24
A man holding a shepherd’s crook stands in a field. He looks down towards a dog who looks up at him. The man and dog are surrounded by sheep. One sheep drinks from a small body of water. Illustration is partially contained within a single-ruled border. An ornamental vegetal plaque extends from the top-left corner toward the poem title. The bottom of frame fades away to look as though the illustration has been burned or torn. 1/4 page.