Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page divided into three sections. The final two stanzas of the poem text are let in to a blank rectangular space at the left side of the illustration. The rectangular space is designed to look like a sheet of paper: the top-right corner is folded over. The first illustrated section, in the top-right corner of the page, contains a scene overlooking a body of water. There is a house at the water’s edge. Trees and bushes grow around the house and along the shore. Mountains rise in the distance across the body of water. This scene is contained within a medium-weight rectangular border. The second section, in the bottom-right corner of the page, contains a view of mountain scenery. There are coniferous trees in the foreground and a tall mountain peak in the background. Large stones lie among the trees. This scene is contained within a medium-weight oval border. The first and second illustrated sections are superimposed over the third illustrated section, which occupies the remainder of the poem page. In the third section, there is an enlarged bouquet of wild plants and flowers. Some of the plant life breaks the borders of the previously described sections. The full-page illustration is contained within a dark, medium-weight, rectangular border. The background appears to be lightly shaded.