Summer and Winter

Figure descriptions
Countryside scenery in the summer. A tall tree stands in the center of the middle ground. There is a small tree to its right and bushes among the two trees. Additional trees and bushes are scattered on a hill in the background. Five figures gather on the left side of the background: two figures stand and three figures sit in the grass. One of the standing figures appears to be holding a tool. A small building stands on top of the hill in the distance. The preceding illustrative content is partially contained within a dark, medium-weight rectangular border. The border connects with the grass in the foreground on the left and right sides. Grasses and wild flowers line the foreground, extending beyond the rectangular frame. 1/2 page.
Countryside scenery in the winter. Snow covers the ground. In the middle ground, two figures engage in a snowball fight. One figure prepares to throw snow and the other watches from a path. There are leafless trees blanketed with snow along the horizon on the left side of the illustration. There are bushes on the right side of the illustration. A tree line is visible in the distance. Wild flowers line the foreground. 1/2-page illustration forms a backward, upside-down L shape on the periodical page; it is partially contained within a dark, thin border. The letterpress is let into the illustration in the bottom-left corner.