Figure descriptions
Multi-part illustration. In the central section, a woman sits on a pillow on top of a chair. She holds a mirror in her hand and looks down at it. There is a small, ornate table next to her. An incense burner stands on top of the table and emits smoke. The wallpaper behind her is decorated with a foliate and vegetal pattern. This section of the illustration is contained within a thick single-ruled border and then superimposed over the second section of the illustration. In the second section of the illustration, the hand-drawn poem title, “VACUNA”, is placed within an intricate double-ruled border. A garland hangs from the bottom edge of the title’s border. The title, its border, and the garland, are superimposed over a large, lightly shaded rectangle. This section appears in the top-left corner of the illustration. The third section of the illustration contains the byline and poem letterpress. They are both placed on a scroll, which appears below the central section of the illustration. Plants extend out from behind all three sections of illustration. In some areas, the plants break the illustration’s borders. Full page.