Up, Bonnie Bird!

Figure descriptions
Frontispiece portrait of a young girl. The girl sits in the outdoors. She bends over, rests her left elbow on her left thigh, and holds her chin in her left hand. She holds a small bouquet of flowers in her lap with her right hand. Her dress falls off her shoulders and she looks directly at the viewer. Full-page illustration.
In the middle ground, a bird flies high in the sky with its wings outstretched. Two other birds fly in the background. The birds fly over tree-lined mountain scenery. Illustration forms a partial border along the left, top, and right edges of the poem title and the first stanza. An enlarged branch of flowers is superimposed over the top edge of the border above the poem title. 1/4 page.
Facsimile signature of the author, J. Logie Robertson. Robertson is underlined. 1/32 page.