Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page is divided into multiple parts. The first part, placed on the top half of the page, depicts the ruins of a deserted castle next to a body of water. Wild foliage grows along the water’s edge. The waning crescent moon is high in the sky. In the lower part, a ship begins to capsize as it is rocked by heavy waves. Debris floats in the water. A third, smaller illustration is set into a diamond-shaped wooden border above the ship, occupying a space between the boat and the shore line. This illustration depicts a bird’s nest surrounded by leaves. The poem text is let in to a rectangular blank space in the center-right of the illustration. The blank space is designed to look like a sheet of paper; the bottom-right corner and the bottom edge are both folded upward. Full-page illustration contained within a medium-weight border. The top edge of the border is rounded.