Flowers at Easter

Figure descriptions
A woman stands in a field with multiple sheep. She stands with one hand placed on her hip and looks down at the sheep. The field is covered in grass, foliage, and flowers. Full-page illustration contained in a double-ruled border.
The hand-drawn poem title, “Flowers at Easter”, is contained within a multi-ruled border that is heavily shaded on the right side. This rectangle is superimposed over the top edge of a larger square border, which contains part of the poem letterpress and a facsimile of the poet’s signature. Straight lines form the left, top, and right edges of the square border. Multiple types of flowers and their stems form the bottom border. The flowers extend up around the border on the left and right sides. 2/3 page.
Facsimile of Roden Noel’s signature is superimposed over the previous illustration, beneath the poem title. 1/64 page.
Multi-part illustration. A square border contains part of the poem letterpress. Trees, branches, flowers, stems, and leaves, peek out from behind the square border along all four edges. A flock of birds flies above the square in the top-right corner. In the lower-left corner, a portrait of a woman is contained within a circular border. The woman wears a hat decorated with flowers. 2/3 page.