Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Figure descriptions
Two-part illustration. On the left, a portrait of Christ is contained within an ornate circular border. Christ’s head is bowed. He is outlined in an equilateral diamond frame which is set into the circular border. There are curled arabesque patterns in the spaces between the four sides of the diamond and the exterior curve of the circle. Foliate shapes decorated with dots extend from the circular border. On the right, a vase decorated with a plate which reads, “MARY.” is contained within a triple-ruled rectangular border. A fleuron rises from the lip of the vase and a long vine with compound leaves and tendrils weaves above, behind, and below the vase. The vine extends beyond the rectangular border. The portrait of Christ overlaps with the left side of the rectangular border. 1/6 page.
Circular ornament. At the center, a sheep lies at the foot of a wooden cross, which is decorated with the initials “INRI.” The initials “ISN” hang from two nails on the cross; the “S” weaves around the center of the cross. There are stars in the sky. This illustration is contained within a decorated border. Foliates and fleurons extend from the circular border in a regular pattern. 1/6 page.