Figure descriptions
Dionysus lounges nude on top of a decorated stone structure. A cloth drapes over his right arm and he has grape leaves in his hair. Dionysus holds a goblet in the air. The goblet emits smoke. In the smoke, there is a semi-nude woman with long hair and a cloth draped around her waist. Her arms are crossed above her head, and she holds a cut flower in her right hand. Four smaller bodies emerge from the goblet and cluster evenly on both sides of the woman’s calves. The four bodies are curved over with their arms crossed in front of their faces. A second, older man (Silenus) sits beside Dionysus. He wears a cloth around his waist. There are two large cats in front of the older man. One cat bites the man’s foot and the other cat drinks from the man’s goblet. A figure who is part man and part goat stands in the background behind Dionysus, and is holding a large jug. A grape vine stretches over the stone structure and the central figures. The vine is dense with leaves. 3/4-page illustration forms an “L” shape around the poem text. The poem text is let in to blank rectangular space in the top-right corner of the page. The illustration edges which border the poem text are designed to make the blank space look like a scroll.