Love’s Photograph.

A woman sits in an armchair and looks back at a man who stands behind her. The man leans over the chair so that his left arm rests on it while he gestures to the woman with his right arm. The woman holds a photograph in her lap. Beside them, there is a large window and a hanging plant. Through the window, the peak of a building and clouds are visible. This domestic scene is contained within an oval border, which is surrounded by a double-ruled rectangular border. The oval and the rectangular border are attached on four sides by multiple looped rings. The position of the two borders evokes a picture frame. The space between the two borders features babies who hold various objects (a mask, paint brushes and a painting palette, and a camera) and perform various actions (acting, painting, posing, and taking photographs). There are decorative curved lines in the empty spaces between the babies. 1/2 page illustration.
[Laura is duly “engaged,” and offers Charles her
photographic likeness.
I’ve a portrait already of thee, ladie mine,1
Love used the photographer’s art.2
You look’d for awhile with your bonny bright smile,3
And ’twas fix’d on my sensitive heart.4
You do not believe it ? Then see in my eyes5
This image that dwells in my breast,6
Thy miniature, beauty mine, loving and gay,7
Jumps up to convince you, and when you’re away,8
Sinks back to the place of its rest.9