Shelley’s Heart.

To Edward John Trelawny.

What surprised us all was that the heart remained entire. In snatching this relic from the fiery
furnace, my hand was severely burnt.’
– Trelawny’s ‘Recollections of Shelley .
Trelawny’s hand, which held’st the sacred heart, 1
The heart of Shelley, and hast felt the fire2
Wherein the drossier framework of that lyre3
Of heaven and earth was molten–but its part4
Immortal echoes always, and shall dart5
Pangs of keen love to human souls, and dire6
Ecstatic sorrow of joy, as higher and higher7
They mount to know thee, Shelley, what thou art8
Trelawny’s hand, did then the outward burn9
As once the inward ?  O cor cordium,10
Which wast a spirit of love, and now a clot,11
What other other flame was wont to come12
Lambent from thee to fainter hearts, and turn13
Red like thy death-pyre’s heat–their lukewarmth hot !14
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