Figure descriptions
A figure stands next to a horse-drawn wagon. The figure uses a walking stick. Two horses are fastened to the front of the wagon. The figure and the two horses stand in an open field. There are small plants scattered around the field. There is a small leafless tree in the center-right portion of the middle ground. It leans toward the right. A flock of birds flies in the sky to the right of the tree. 1/2-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
A herd of cows gather in a clearing next to a group of five trees. Some cows stand or graze while others lie in the grass. A man kneels next to a cow in the foreground. There is a body of water in the background. At the left side of the background, a man stands facing the water with his arms and legs spread wide. There is a cow standing in front of him. At the right side of the foreground, a figure walks beside a cow next to the water’s edge. 1/2-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.