Figure descriptions
A smiling girl embraces a dog tightly with both of her arms. The girl and the dog share a chair. The dog’s head peeks out from between the girl’s arms and next to her face. It holds one of its front paws up. The girl and dog occupy a room with a decorative carpet, a side table with a vase of flowers, and a curtain. A piece of fabric is draped over the back of the chair that the girl and dog sit in. There is a single flower on the ground. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.
Impressionistic landscape scenery with areas that resemble shrubs, hills, a tree, and a river. This landscape is contained within a heavyweight single-ruled border on the top and side edges and partway along the bottom. The poem title overlaps partially with the bottom-left corner of the landscape illustration. The title is in hand-drawn lettering. A large bouquet of harebell flowers and buds in a sharp realist style is superimposed on the landscape scenery at the centre of the frame. It breaks the rectangular frame at the top edge and ends half-way down the poem page. This illustration is a headpiece that spans both columns of poem text and descends approximately eleven lines down the centre line. 1/6 page.
Seaside landscape contained partially within a single-ruled border. At the right, a woman and a man occupy a forested hillside path. The woman stands and looks down at the man who kneels among the grasses. The hillside path is decorated with dark shrubs and deciduous trees. The path and surrounding grasses descend into the foreground, where they become light as they break the lower boundaries of the illustration’s rectangular frame. The background features seaside cliffs and a vast body of water that appears to blend partially with the skyline. A stem of harebell flowers and buds in a sharp realist style lies behind the landscape scenery and emerges in the bottom-left corner and at the centre-top. This illustration spans both columns of poem text. 1/2 page.