A Missionary Cheer

Figure descriptions
Symmetrical tailpiece in the shape of a chandelier. The chandelier is ornamented with fleurons, foliates, small flowers, ribbons, and rams’ heads. There are three illuminated flames: one in the centre and one at each horizontal extremity. 1/4 page.
Several figures sit together on a ship’s deck while a storm ranges around them. Rain falls, water splashes in the air, and ropes and sails blow violently in the wind. Two men attend to the boat: one appears to man the stern; the other stands while brandishing an axe. Among the seated figures are two nuns in habits and a bearded man reading from a small book. A second man holds an illuminated lantern in the centre of the group. Most of the figures close their eyes and appear to be engaged in collective prayer. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.