Mine Enemy

Figure descriptions
A child in a night-shirt stands next to an open window at night. The child gazes upward and points toward the ceiling with their left hand. An illuminated candlestick in a candle holder and a potted vine stand on the window sill. The vine and a curtain both drape down the wall. The foot of a bed with a metal bed frame is visible behind the child. The poem title appears to the right of the child in Gothic lettering. 1/2 page.
A silhouetted figure rides on horseback in the night. Their cape flies behind them as they move from the centre of the frame toward the bottom-right corner. The scene has a wide vista and is dimly lit by the moon. Dark trees line the horizon and leafless trees stand prominently in the foreground at the left side of the scene. 1/4-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.