A Picardy Pastoral

Figure descriptions
A woman (Lisette) sits on the back of a wagon. A man (Pierre) stands in the main component of the wagon and reaches back toward Lisette. He holds a long stick in his hand. The wagon is being pulled forward by a pair of oxen. There are grasses and wild flowers along the ground. A deciduous tree stands in the background. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Rectangular tailpiece features four child-like fairies gathered around a central wreath. The inner portion of the wreath features a ring of stars and the outer portion features a ring of roses. The two fairies at the extremities of the tailpiece hold onto the ends of a long ribbon; the ribbon weaves around the fairies and the wreath. The main illustrative content is set against a checked background, which is surrounded on the left, top, and right sides by a thick, dark border decorated with stars. The tailpiece is contained within a multi-part ruled border.