Category: At least one illustration is a historiated tailpiece.

At least one illustration is a historiated tailpiece. Rectangular llustration is placed after the poem and runs the width of the poem. Depicts a scene.

Poems assigned to this category

Poem title Poets Date Periodical id #
Seeking Greenwell, Dora 1860-06 Good Words 337
Twixt May and June C. B. (Good Words) 1884 Good Words 4008
Horatian Echo. (To an Ambitious Friend) Arnold, Matthew 1887-07 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8809
Notre Dame MacDonald, Mosse 1888 Good Words 5491
The Cricket Fiddler. A Recitation for Young Violinists. The music to be played, as arranged, after each verse Bates, Clara Doty 1889-02 Atalanta 1845
Playing Truant C. I. M. B. (Atalanta) 1891-05 Atalanta 2079
The Mistakes of Life Gorges, Mary 1891-12 Atalanta 2169
A Picardy Pastoral Richardson, Robert 1893 Good Words 5044
Autumn Nesbit, Edith 1893-11 Atalanta 2283
Lullaby Japp, Alexander Hay 1894-08 Atalanta 2311