Horatian Echo. (To an Ambitious Friend)

Figure descriptions
Five barefoot women in classical dress gather under a small tree. Two women embrace; two women hold hands; one woman leans against another woman’s shoulder. Four of the five women look at a man and woman who stand together in the distance. The man and woman both wear crowns and hold each other’s arms. They look back toward the group of women. There is a stone wall in the background. The Latin poem caption is written on a banner at the top of the illustration. The main illustration is contained within a double-ruled border. A wide vegetal border with flowers and leaves surrounds the double-ruled border. The full illustration, including both aforementioned borders, is contained within a triple-ruled border. Full page.
Rectangular tailpiece depicts a figure sitting under the canopy of a large tree. The figure looks out upon a field. There are hills in the distance beyond the field. Three birds fly in the sky. 1/16-page illustration is contained within a double-ruled border with pointed corners.