It only seems like yesterday :1
Why beats this heart ? ’tis over now ;2
And those bright dreams of love and hope3
Are in the far-off long ago ;4
Yet time hath wrought no change in me,5
My love is linked to yesterday.6
It only seems but yesterday :7
How happily those days sped by !8
At evening I was sure to meet9
A sunset smile and starlit eye ;10
All those sweet smiles died out from me,11
With that sweet far-off yesterday.12
I sometimes meet a smiling face,13
A kindly word of sympathy ;14
But what are they to my crushed heart ?15
They only chain my memory :16
To those fond smiles that cheered my way17
In that sweet far-off yesterday.18
I wander back to those bright days,19
When all was one untroubled sea20
My life a happy golden dream,21
No mazes of perplexity :22
Those golden dreams have died away,23
With that sweet far-off yesterday.24
Ah, well ! the past is over now ;25
And what there is in store for me26
I do not, dare not wish to know,27
Nor penetrate futurity.28
I know that all things work for good29
To those who put their trust in God ;30
And when I reach yon star-paved sky,31
The yesterday will be to-day.32
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