Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: IRREGULAR

Total poems: 113
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
A Church-Yard Scene Wilson, John (pseudonym Christopher North) 1820-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7887
Stanzas, Written upon Robert, the Son of Captain S. Shaw, of the Royal Artillery, Now a Resident in the East Indies—A Child Five Years of Age Crossley, James 1820-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8429
The Rape of Proserpine Procter, Bryan Waller (pseudonym Barry Cornwall) 1820-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8416
Dion. (See Plutarch) Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8463
Ode. The Pass of Kirkstone Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8465
Odonnelly, an Ode Morgan Odoherty (also Mr Odoherty, Ensign Odoherty) (pseudonym) 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8448
Ode, Composed while the Sun was under Eclipse, 7th September, 1820 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8782
The Triad Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) 1829 The Keepsake 2952
A Bunch of Forget-Me-Nots Hood, Thomas 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15062
Eva Bird, John 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14463
The Poet’s Answer, To a Lady’s Question Respecting the Accomplishments Most Desirable in an Instructress Of Children Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 1830 The Keepsake 3113
The Stolen Kiss McNaghten, Robert Adair 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14461
To Little Mary Southey, Caroline Bowles 1830-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10131
“When Bawdrons, wi’ her mousin paw” 1830-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10179
The Dissipated Husband Percival, James Gates 1832-03-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 2986
Adeline Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11152
Isabel Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11150
Love, Pride, and Forgetfulness Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11140
Ode to Memory Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11147
Recollections of the Arabian Nights Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11155
The Deserted House Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11148
The Poet’s Mind Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11142
The “How” and the “Why” ? Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11143
The Drop of Dew Marvell, Andrew 1832-07-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 3003
A Fragment Fairlie, Louisa 1840 The Keepsake 4776
An Enigma. Addressed to the Ladies Berkeley, Grantley 1840 The Keepsake 4773
Song Campbell, (Robert) Calder 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15176
The Death of the Old Year. Written in Neville’s Court, Trinity College, Cambridge, at Midnight, December 31, 1838 Manners, John 1840 The Keepsake 4770
Trips of the Lily of Bonchurch White, James 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11438
Ode on the Marriage of the Queen of England Simmons, Bartholomew 1840-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11445
The Eggs and the Horses Sharpe, Richard Scrafton 1840-07-11 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4405
II. To A Beautiful Girl, On her exhibiting a copy she had taken of Raphael’s great picture—The Transfiguration—and asking, “Was not that painter inspired?” Simmons, Bartholomew 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11202
The Devil’s Last Walk 1840-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11312
The Passing Railway Train H. R. (poet; Chambers’s) 1844-09-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5466
Lines by Robert Southey. [From an Unpublished Autograph] Southey, Robert 1850-05-11 Household Words 1078
Birth Song Howitt, Mary 1850-06-01 Household Words 1083
Father Prout’s Inaugurative Ode To the Author of “Vanity Fair” Mahony, Francis Sylvester (pseudonym Father Prout) 1860-01 The Cornhill Magazine 11929
Fair Drinking Hopkins, Manley 1860-01-07 Once a Week 251
The Old Year and the New Rutter, Richard Ball 1860-01-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6561
I’ll Never Forget That, Ma’am! Lover, Samuel 1860-02-18 Once a Week 259
Goethe and Frederika Sidgwick, Henry 1860-03 Macmillan’s Magazine 13891
When Night and Morning Meet Greenwell, Dora 1860-03 Good Words 322
Constance De V—. An Episode in the Early Life of Charles Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand Havergal, Francis Ridley 1860-04 Good Words 327
Dante Cramp, William Archibald 1860-04 The Cornhill Magazine 11938
Requiescat in Pace Milnes, Richard Monckton 1860-04 Macmillan’s Magazine 13892
The Sleep of the Hyacinth. An Egyptian Poem Wilson, George (1818-1859) 1860-04 Macmillan’s Magazine 13893
Clouds Smith, Lucy Caroline (née Cumming) 1860-06 Good Words 335
The Sleep of the Hyacinth. An Egyptian Poem. (Concluded from No. 6) Wilson, George (1818-1859) 1860-06 Macmillan’s Magazine 13999
Once Upon a Time Cook, Eliza 1860-06-30 Once a Week 277
All’s Well H. L. (poet; Macmillan’s) 1860-07 Macmillan’s Magazine 14007
Erinnys Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7896
The Two Laments. (From the German) 1860-07-01 The English Woman’s Journal 1653
Fashionable. The Tale of a Snowdrop Teulon, Harriet Mary 1860-08 Good Words 346
The Soul’s Parting Greenwell, Dora 1860-08 Good Words 343
A Story of Olden Time Greenwell, Dora 1860-09 Good Words 348
Down the River Buchanan, Robert Williams 1860-09-15 All the Year Round 2826
Faristan and Fatima. An Oriental Legend, Done into his mother tongue by E. A. Bowring 1860-09-29 Once a Week 293
Autumn Flowers Greenwell, Dora 1860-10 Good Words 355
Memories of a Brother Teulon, Harriet Mary 1860-10 Good Words 352
Progress Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7784
God’s Singer Greenwell, Dora 1860-11 Good Words 361
Ariadne at Naxos Davidson, Thomas 1860-12 The Cornhill Magazine 11950
Fallen Payn, James 1860-12-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6738
Forgiven Buchanan, Robert Williams 1860-12-22 All the Year Round 2838
Snow Buchanan, Robert Williams 1860-12-29 All the Year Round 2839
Crowned Heads Teulon, Harriet Mary 1861-05 Good Words 379
Love in Death Greenwell, Dora 1862-03 Good Words 401
“In the Clouds” Thornbury, George Walter 1865-12-02 Once a Week 979
A Lark’s Flight Buchanan, Robert Williams 1870-05-01 Good Words 2018
Lines Suggested by the Greek Massacre Smedley, Menella Bute 1870-06 Macmillan’s Magazine 14402
The Young Soldier 1870-06-25 Once a Week 13603
Ximene Simcox, George Augustus 1870-08 The Cornhill Magazine 12309
Two Dreams Allingham, William 1870-08-01 Good Words 2027
The Lay of the German Lint-Makers A. F. F. (poet; Macmillan’s) 1870-09 Macmillan’s Magazine 14407
Love and Time Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (pseudonym Owen Meredith) 1870-10-01 All the Year Round 3835
The Evening Star Spratt 1870-12-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7284
A Song from “The Loves of the Wrens” Tennyson, Alfred 1871 Good Words 3154
The Sun of My Songs Marzials, Theo 1871-03 The Dark Blue 162
Tragedy Heine, Heinrich 1871-04 The Dark Blue 164
Song Davis, Israel 1871-05 The Dark Blue 175
Spring Graves, Alfred Perceval 1871-05 The Dark Blue 172
Tasso to Eleonora: A Canzonet and Sonnet Tasso, Torquato 1871-06 The Dark Blue 183
The Lass O’ Logie Lea Lyall, John 1871-07 The Dark Blue 187
“I came not here to weep, but in thy fall” Blackie, John Stuart 1871-09 The Dark Blue 16104
Mumal and Mendra. A Legend of Scinde Simcox, George Augustus 1871-11 The Dark Blue 610
“Praties will grow” 1871-11 The Dark Blue 16114
“These to His Mem’ry since He Held them Dear” Davis, Israel 1871-11 The Dark Blue 612
“The Revenge,” A Ballad of the Fleet Tennyson, Alfred 1878-03 The Nineteenth Century 7853
The Defence of Lucknow Tennyson, Alfred 1879-04 The Nineteenth Century 7859
Sandown Bay Owen, Frances Mary 1880 Good Words 3618
Yesterday Miller, Ellen 1880 Good Words 3608
The Hymn Pindar 1880-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9252
A Mother’s Anniversary 1880-03-20 All the Year Round 4542
The Human Cry Tennyson, Alfred 1880-05 The Nineteenth Century 7893
To My Wife. A Valentine Mackay, Charles 1880-06-05 All the Year Round 4548
My Lost Love Daniell, Martin 1880-07-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7311
A Lump of Carbon Tyndall, W. B. 1880-10-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7423
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava. October 25th, 1854 Tennyson, Alfred 1882-03 Macmillan’s Magazine 14672
The Past Levy, Edith Grace 1890 Woman’s World 1065
His Little Shoes Graves, Clotilde 1890-01 Atalanta 1966
I. Archangelorum Laudes Johnson, Lionel Pigot 1890-01 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8870
Robert Browning De Vere, Aubrey 1890-02 Macmillan’s Magazine 14847
Early April Noel, Roden 1890-04 Atalanta 1975
The Fairy Prince Robinson, Annie (pseudonym Marian Douglas) 1890-05 Atalanta 2034
Prince Charlie—A Charade Dyson, Emily 1890-07 Atalanta 2089
The Night My Love Comes Home Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1890-08 Atalanta 2042
The Invincible Armada Schiller, Friedrich 1890-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8402
Autumn Le Gallienne, Richard 1890-11 Macmillan’s Magazine 14907
Will O’ The Wisp Macleod, Mary 1890-11 Atalanta 2053
Town Cats In The Country Macleod, Mary 1890-12 Atalanta 2060
St. Antony of Coma Paton, Joseph Noël 1891-12 Victorian Magazine 1518
Red Rose Macdonald, Leila 1895-01 The Yellow Book 795
The South Wind Bridges, Robert 1896 Pageant 1098