Birth Song.

Hail, new-waked atom of the Eternal whole,1
Young voyager upon Time’s mighty river !2
Hail to thee, Human Soul,3
Hail, and for ever !4
Pilgrim of life, all hail !5
He who at first called forth6
From nothingness the earth,7
Who clothed the hills in strength, and dug the sea ;8
Who gave the stars to gem9
Night, like a diadem,10
Thou little child, made thee ;11
Young habitant of earth,12
Fair as its flowers, though brought in sorrow forth.13
Thou art akin to God who fashioned thee !14
The Heavens themselves shall vanish as a scroll,15
The solid earth dissolve, the stars grow pale,16
But thou, oh Human Soul,17
Shalt be immortal ! Hail !18
Thou young Immortal, hail !19
He, before whom are dim20
Seraph and cherubim,21
Who gave the archangels strength and majesty,22
Who sits upon Heaven’s throne,23
The Everlasting One,24
Thou little child, made thee !25
Fair habitant of Earth,26
Immortal in thy God, though mortal by thy birth,27
Born for life’s trials, hail, all hail to thee !28