Praties will grow,1
As we all of us know,2
And everything else—in saison.3
The slip of a pig4
Will soon grow big5
It’s only since and raison.6
Be always merry, men7
Like the Kerry men,8
The wide world over.9
When times are bad,10
If your heart is glad,11
You’ll tide it over12
My lad !13
Take things nice and aisy !14
There’s lashins of time ;15
It isn’t a crime,16
To be the laste bit lazy ;17
But the height of sinse,18
And little expinse,19
To be a merry man,20
Like the Kerry man,21
The wide world over,22
Be dad !23
And that’s his nayture :24
Barrin’ the rint,25
He’d be contint,26
The crayture !27
The divil a thing can taise him !28
A thrifle itself will plaise him !29
His owld gray goose is a swan ;30
His hins are faymale paycocks ;31
His wan pound note is a wan pound wan.32
And all his grass is clover33
Be dad !34
In thundering fine big haycocks.35
When times are bad,36
He’s no way sad ;37
He takes what comes, and his heart is glad38
This merry man ;39
The rover,40
From Kerry, man,41
This wide world over.42
Hip ! Hip !43
Hurroo !44
Hurroo !  Hip, Hip !45
It’s a pity we aren’t a nation !46
Owld Clare is true,47
And Limerick too,48
And likewise gullant Tip ;49
I’ll back one man from Corkshire50
To bate six more from Yorkshire ;51
Kerry men52
Agin Derry men,53
Or Munster agin creation !54
Wirristrue !55
It’s a pity we aren’t a nation !56