Crowned Heads.

An elderly couple sit together in a small cottage room in front of a hearth. The woman is seated in full view closest to the hearth. She wears a shawl and a bonnet and rests her arms in her lap. The man is depicted sitting in profile view, positioned toward his wife and the hearth. He holds a book open at the table. A cloth garment with frayed edges drapes over the back of his chair. The room in which they sit is sparsely decorated. It has one gridded window, through which a plant is visible, and a single candlestick holder positioned on the mantle. There is a simple portière, suggesting an entrance to another room. 1/2-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.


A little room with rugless floor,1
And the Winter blast,2
As it whistles past,3
Piercing in at the slender door. 4
In the window-sill a plant or two,5
Thriving as plants are apt to do6
In a cottage frame,7
Where the light of day8
Hath its wildest play,9
And no curtains send it out again.10
A table bare, and one old book,11
In which their eyes grow bright to look ;12
A smouldering fire, and two big chairs,13
A bed for the feeble, brought down the stairs.14
And there, in the last faint flicker of life,15
A grey old man and his helpless wife.16


A new-turned grave of still decay17
And a home of spirits away—away18
A blissful home, so passing fair19
As none may tell who have not been there ;—20
A human form with scars too deep21
For a tearless gaze, if spirits weep22
His riven brow with triumph crown’d23
And a countless host of subjects round,24
Bowed in the hush of love profound !25
A voiceless choir, a waiting throng,26
Ready to burst in instant song.27
Soon as the word “ Come forth,” is given,28
And their bodies rise to their souls in heaven !29
Princely among the princely race,30
And near the King, in bright array,31
Sunn’d with the glory of his face,32
Who are they ?33
Who but the helpless, aged poor,34
Whose coffins pass’d from a cottage door !35