A girl is sitting in front of a house and holding a doll on her lap. There are flowers and vines around her. There is an open window to her right. There is a peacock with its feathers fanned out in the background. 1/2 page illustration contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.

The Fairy Prince.

Some roses tangled in the grass—1
Some sunken stones—Oh ! is it2
The sweet old place, the dear old place,3
That once I used to visit ?4
The farm-house with its porch and wall5
And roof with woodbine covered,6
The bench of hives, their tenant bees,7
The flowers round which they hovered,8
Sweet peas, sweet balm, sweet clover9
Why, but to name them over,10
A fragrance fills the air,11
As from some garden flitting,12
And I again seem sitting,13
A child with yellow hair,14
Within the open doorway, all eagerness to see15
If that proud prince, the Peacock, would spread his train for me.16
That fairy prince, the Peacock !17
Oh ! never monarch knew18
Such matchless gold and purple,19
Such wondrous green and blue !20
All shining as with jewels, rare colours blent in one,21
Like some enchanter’s vision he glistened in the sun.22
And ivory towers and silver walls23
In beauty rose before me ;24
No more the shelt’ring woodbine leaves,25
But waving palms were o’er me.26
I saw (my splendour-loving heart27
Held dear that Bible story)28
The Peacocks of King Solomon29
In all their Eastern glory ;30
In palace courtways builded31
Of cedar carved and gilded,32
With psalteries sounding loud,33
And grinning apes attendant,34
’Mid splendour most resplendent,35
And proudest of the proud,36
They walked, the ancient kinsfolk in realms be-
yond the sea
Of that same prince the Peacock who spread his
train for me !
But like a vanished rainbow,39
That royal bird to-day !40
On wings of fire the farmhouse,41
Long since, has flown away !42
And I, a grave-faced woman, still linger as I
To pluck remembered roses from out the tangled
Three peacocks standing in a room. One peacock has its feathers fanned out. In the background, there is a man standing in an archway and another man turned towards him. The room features ornately decorated arches and plants. 1/2 page illustration contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.