Portrait of Mrs. Bairdsmith. She is shown from the chest up. Her left arm is held vertically across her body, as if it is resting on something that is out-of-frame. She is wearing a white bonnet and a fur stole. Full-page frontispiece contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.

The Night My Love Comes Home.

Facsimile of Frederic E. Weatherly’s signature. 1/32 page.
O get ye up to the Tower, mother,1
And say what may there be,2
For I hear the gales in the golden sails3
That bring my love to me.4
And get ye down my bridal gown,5
And deck my hair for me ;6
Go watch the pier, thou little page,7
To greet him home from sea.8
For it’s oh ! my love, I hear him call,9
He is coming across the foam,10
And I must be ready this night of all,11
The night my love comes home !”12
Lie still, lie still, my sweet, sweet child,13
No ship is on the tide !”14
And her tears run down that bridal gown15
That never will deck a bride.16
And the page has gone to the blowing pier,17
He listens in fear and dole,18
But the only sound that he can hear19
Is the bell for her passing soul.20
O hark ! O hear ! the midnight strikes !21
There is knocking at the gate :22
Oh where, oh where is my lady fair ?23
And have I come too late ?”24
They have taken him up the silent stair,25
Into her chamber sweet,26
And there she lies with her closed eyes27
And the lilies at her feet !28
And it’s oh ! my love, it’s oh ! my dear !29
He is coming across the foam ;30
But I must sleep, so long, so deep,31
The night my love comes home !”32