A man and a woman sit together holding hands on a collection of rocks. The man’s face is turned away from the viewer and the woman’s face is turned towards her bare feet. There are cliffs and a body of water behind them. A group of people stand in the shallow water beside small row boats. Two of these people shake hands. There is a distant boat in the water. Full-page illustration.

A Fragment.

She loved as those love who have only one 1
In this wide world to cherish. ’Tis they alone 2
Who feel, in its truest and deepest degree,3
The affection approaching idolatry,—4
Which yet is so pure it must surely win5
Pardon—although it resemble sin.6
In infancy torn from a parent’s care 7
Now the smile of affection first gladden’d her soul ;8
For the slave even gentle words were rare,9
But the hearts of e’en slaves are beyond control,10
And she gave all her deep, all her fond devotion,11
To one, whose wild home was the trackless ocean.12
There is in this world of trial and woe,13
A word, which can cause bitter tear-drops to flow ;14
It is but one word—yet it strikes like a knell 15
On the ear of the loving—that word is farewell !16
’Tis whisper’d—and yet it is loud to the heart,17
And though ’twere expected, will occasion a start;18
And the blood which flow’d warmly runs coldly and chill,19
And indefinite feelings of sorrow and ill 20
Seem to crowd o’er the lover who utters that word,21
And her who its terrible sound has heard.22
The sea, the foaming and boundless sea,23
Will flow between him whom thou lov’st and thee.24
Ye must part !— Hark, they call !— He was hurried away,25
And she never smiled from that dreadful day.26
And she wander’d each eve to the trysting spot,27
On the island’s rocky strand,28
But the sailor the Indian maid forgot29
When he reached his native land.30